• Lefkada, Greece

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The name of the island of Lefkada came from the name “White stone” or “White edges”, the ancient name of today’s Lefkada, the southern cape of the island. From the white and wild rocks of the cape, where legend wants poet Sappho to end her life for love.  Lefkada is world famous for its stunning beaches. Tropical waters and white sandy beaches extends on a coastline with a total length of 116 km. The west side of the island, wild on the view and mostly untouched, dominated by cliffs, thick pine forests and beautiful landscapes.

Among the most popular beaches on the west side are the awarded Porto Katsiki and Egremni, near the village Athani. North near to the fishing village of Agios Nikitas are Pefkoulia, Milos and of course the most cosmopolitan beach of the island, Kathisma. The Kathisma is one of the most beautiful, popular and vibrant beaches during the summer months, due to its easy access and amenities like parking, restaurants, cafes and beach bars. A little closer to the town of Lefkada you can find the beach of Ai Ioannis, of total length 5km, a beloved destination for kitesurfers. Finally on the eastern side of the island visitors can find calm crystal clear beaches and white pebble beaches as well.Popular beaches of this side are Nikiana, Agiofylli and Vasiliki.