• Lefkada, Greece

worths seeing

Besides the rich natural beauty Lefkada has also cultural heritage. The city of Lefkada island visitors can tour the Archaeological Museum of the city of Lefkada or the imposing Castle of Agia Mavra. The architecture of the houses in the historical center of the city is also of special interest. Colorful and antiseismic, managed to survive earthquakes and stay untouched over time. Someone who climbs up in the mountainous part of the island can visit the beautiful village of Karia or Eglouvi and taste its worldwide famous lentils product in it. The mountainous offers a wealth of unexplored routes. Travelers can enjoy the Lefkadian cuisine, rich in fish, legumes and has some influences from the Venetians. Traditional customs and practices of Lefkada are many and vary depending on the season of the year. The local songs named as “Kantades” and “Varcarola” are of particular interest and are mainly included in the events that take place during the summer.